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Welcome to the Chatter Research Help Center! On this page we'll walk you through the basics of using the platform and share tips on increasing engagement with your conversational surveys.
Getting Started

Chatter Research makes it easier than ever for brands to get closer to their customers. With Chatter, you will be able to hear what your customers are saying about their experience in real time. Using text-message and/or online chats, we deliver conversational surveys that make sharing feedback convenient for your customers and provide you with actionable insights to improve experiences quicker than ever before.

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How It Works

Chatter works best when customer-facing employees encourage every customer to take a moment to provide their feedback.


Starting the conversational survey is simple. In most cases, customers can trigger the conversation using one of two methods: (1) Scan the QR code or, (2) Text the trigger word to the assigned phone number (i.e., Text “Hello” to 09421).

Still not sure of how to initiate a conversational survey? Please watch the “How It Works” video.

Main Results Dashboard Overview

While your customers are completing surveys, the dashboard will display live activity and analyze customer feedback in real time using our A.I.


In the dashboard, you will be able to view your key metrics - NPS/CSAT, Initiations, Alerts, as well as the Topics Raised by Customers, and Question Tiles that give you a summary of the responses your customers are providing in your survey.

To get more comfortable, watch the “Main Results Dashboard Overview” Video.

Topic Explorer Overview

As the feedback from your customers comes in,  our Stingray-Chatter A.I - which is trained on over 7000+ Retail topics, is able to categorize all the "free-text" replies, where a customer is able to say anything they want, to a specific topic and sentiment - all in real time.


In the Topic Explorer, you are able to view the list of all the topics, along with their sentiment (positive, negative, neutral, mixed) that have been captured and categorized from your customer feedback


To learn more, watch the "Topic Explorer Overview" Video.

NPS Booster Overview

After capturing all the topics from your customers feedback, it's important to be able to see what type of impact those topics are having on your KPI's - in both a positive and negative manner.

Using our A.I. -  our NPS Booster is able to the assign the topics captured with a measurable impact on your company's NPS  and calculate the level satisfaction or dissatisfaction associated with those topics, highlighting some of the Top Strengths and Top Weakness that your customers have mentioned as key areas to focus on improvement.

To learn more, watch the "NPS Booster Overview" video.

Benchmarks Page Overview

If you have enrolled the Chatter program in multiple store locations, the Benchmarks page allows you to conveniently view your "key metrics" - i.e: Initiations, NPS, # of NPS Responses and/or CSAT and # of CSAT Responses, for all your locations - all in one place.


You can compare how your locations are doing vs each other, sort for high to low for any of those metrics, and export the data into your desired format.

To learn more, watch the “Benchmarks Page Overview” video.

Data Exports Overview

The Data Exports page allows you to export all the valuable data and insights your customers have provided through the surveys into a .CSV format. 

There are 4 types of exports to choose from: Replies, Conversations, Topics and Locations Report.

To view the differences between the different types, and more information, watch the “Data Exports Overview” video.

NPS vs CSAT: What's The Difference?

Net Promoter Score (NPS) shows how likely someone is to recommend your product/service to friends or family and focuses on the customers perception and loyalty to your brand..

CSAT  refers to Customer Satisfaction is catered towards understanding how satisfied or unsatisfied a customer was with their experience at your store, or an interaction with a store associate, or even browsing on your company's website.

For more information on the difference between the two, please watch the “NPS vs CSAT: What's the Difference” video.

Want a summarized PDF guide of all the content above?

You can download the Chatter Research dashboard user guides below:

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