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Chatter Research Help Center

Welcome to the Chatter Research Help Center! On this page we'll walk you through the basics of using the platform and share tips on increasing engagement with your conversational surveys.
Getting Started

Chatter Research makes it easier than ever for brands to get closer to their customers. With Chatter, you will be able to hear what your customers are saying about their experience in real time. Using text-message and/or online chats, we deliver conversational surveys that make sharing feedback convenient for your customers and provide you with actionable insights to improve experiences quicker than ever before.

How can we help?
How It Works

Chatter works best when customer-facing employees encourage every customer to take a moment to provide their feedback.


Starting the conversational survey is simple. In most cases, customers can trigger the conversation using one of two methods: (1) Scan the QR code or, (2) Text the trigger word to the assigned phone number (i.e., Text “Hello” to 09421).

Still not sure of how to initiate a conversational survey? Please watch the “How It Works” video.

Main Results Dashboard Overview

While your customers are completing surveys, the dashboard will display live activity and analyze customer feedback in real time using our A.I.


In the dashboard, you will be able to view your key metrics - NPS/CSAT, Initiations, Alerts, as well as the Topics Raised by Customers, and Question Tiles that give you a summary of the responses your customers are providing in your survey.

To get more comfortable, watch the “Main Results Dashboard Overview” Video.

How it Works - Getting Started with Chatter's Conversational Surveys
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